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About Eula Clarke

Eula Clarke is the CEO of Clarkes Associates Consultancy a UK consultancy business focusing on coaching and mentoring women to grow and achieve their goals. Eula Clarke runs Leadership workshops with the mission of supporting female executives to achieve excellence and become experts in their domains. Eula has an incredible mark on the business world due to her resilience and determination with an experience of over 2 decades. Eula Clarke is a true beacon of empowerment and leadership. Beyond her professional journey, she is a loving wife and mother who is beautifully balancing her personal and professional life.

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What People Say

Miss Eula is an extraordinary visionary and leader. Her ability to create successful collaborations through her heart felt vision is amazing to witness and be aligned with. I have been privileged to work along side her greatness and see how she has transformed many lives
Amina Mohamed
I have known Eula over many years and our professional interactions made evident that she typifies the very professional women acknowledged in this book, worthy to be praised, but more importantly, valued!
Dr Doirean Wilson
Visiting Professor of Religion & Multicultural,
Mrs. Clarke is a retired banker turned women empowerment coach and successful businesswoman, renowned for her leadership, dedication, and ability to inspire and mentor others. Her diverse expertise, from finance to entrepreneurship, coupled with exceptional communication skills, makes her a standout professional and influential figure.
Dean Nembhard
Eula and I are aligning our gifts and skills with a shared mission to empower more women around the world. Together, we believe in a future where women are not just participants but leaders, innovators, and changemakers. It is an honor to work alongside such a visionary, and I look forward to the impact we will undoubtedly make together.
Vironica Ciban
CEO & Founder
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